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green hotel lobby

Preserving Our Peninsula and Planet

Eco-friendly, sustainable hotel in San Francisco

Eco-friendly is part of who we are

We’re lucky enough to welcome you to San Francisco, where natural beauty blends seamlessly with our whitewashed urban landscape. Rocky coastline, azure bay waters, botanical gardens, urban forests and 48 epic hills are all close at hand — SF is only 49 square miles, after all.

With Mother Nature revealing her gifts to us every day, we wanted to find a way to return the favor. And so we set to work making our boutique hotel as environmentally friendly as humanly possible.

Let’s take a peek into the green practices at Kimpton Alton Hotel.


Clean The World

Thanks to our partnership with Clean the World, unused portions of our bar soaps don’t get tossed into the trash. Instead, Clean the World recycles them to provide hygiene kits for impoverished communities worldwide, as well as areas recovering from natural disasters.

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Coffee Cup

Nespresso Nirvana

Our in-room Nespresso machines make java lovers rejoice. Not only do you get the perfect individual serving of coffee, saving water and waste, but our hotel also participates in the Nespresso capsule recycling program.

Efficiency Shines

Efficiency Shines

All light fixtures in our guestrooms, corridors and public spaces use energy-efficient LED bulbs.


Smart Air

Guestroom HVAC units filter fresh outdoor air to create a comfortable atmosphere. Units are motion-activated, which limits unnecessary energy expenditure.

Atelier Bloem Products

Better by Volume

Every bathroom uses large, refillable shampoo, conditioner and shower gel amenities by Atelier Bloem, eliminating the disposal of small plastic bottles. Love the products? Have a bottle or a set delivered to your doorstep.


Recycling and Composting

At Kimpton Alton Hotel, guess what happens to all the paper, plastics, glass, cardboard, crates, pallets and other materials that can be recycled or composted? They get recycled or composted. Not sent to the landfill.


Wood Sustainability

We make it a point to use sustainably forested wood products. With a coastal redwood forest just 15 miles away at Muir Woods, preserving trees is top of mind.


Farm Fresh

We source nearby farms and other food purveyors to reduce the carbon emissions of long-haul travel and to support our local economy. The bonus to you, our guest, is incredibly fresh cuisine.


Local Souvenirs

An onsite Bodega sources merchandise from nearby vendors for the same reason — to reduce carbon emissions and support local businesses.

Water Droplet

Gentle Cycle

San Francisco Water Services is nationally recognized for its program to keep pollutants from entering the city’s sewers and ultimately our bay and the Pacific Ocean. We chose our linen laundry partner for its eco-focused protocols that have resulted in zero violations of the Water Services audit.

Alton Bathroom

Go with the Flow

Even our toilets are in the sustainability game. We’ve installed low-flow, low-flush commodes to conserve water.

Plant with water droplets

Drip, Drop

Landscaping and greenery at Kimpton Alton Hotel grows and thrives thanks to drip-irrigation, limiting wasteful water runoff.

If you’re serious about protecting the earth, know that you have a kindred spirit in Kimpton Hotels — and Kimpton Alton Hotel in particular. Come for a visit. We’ll make sure you have a sustainable stay to remember.