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Essential Snacks for Every Time of Day + Night

24-Hour San Francisco Bodega

Convenient Necessities When You're in a Pinch

Hit with a last-minute craving for a salty snack or sweet treat? Our 24-hour bodega, located in our lobby nearby the front desk, has you covered. We have all the essentials, including an eclectic variety of munchies, alcoholic beverages, and refreshing cold drinks like bottled water and assorted sodas. We also carry necessities of the non-food and drink kind (you never know when a dog treat will come in handy) to ensure you’ve got what you need for an easy breezy SF stay.

hotel bodega wine

Serious Sips

If your idea of essentials includes adult beverages, then you're in luck. Our 24-hour bodega carries assorted craft beers, convenient pre-mixed cocktails, and several types of wine (red, white and champagne). Cheers to not missing a step on your San Francisco visit.